Walk leading

It’s easy to put a walk on for Brunel – all you need to do is fill out the
form on this page and our Programme Secretaries will get back to you.

Walks are at the heart of what Brunel Walking Group is all about. Our walk leaders are volunteers who love to share the beauty of the British countryside with others. We’ve done many amazing walks over the years, in weather ranging from hot sunshine to wintry blizzards on the shortest day of the year. You can see lists of past walks (since Autumn 2015) here.

Now we need new people to step up and provide more special memories for others. If you think you might be able to do it please fill in the form!

If you are new to walk leading then we can help! We have several experienced walk leaders who can assist with planning walks, go on pre-walks with you or give you support on the day (either as a named co-leader or just to be there in case you need any assistance) – just send us an email and we’ll get back to you. Likewise, if you would like some navigation or walk leadership training send us an email – we can help with that too!

Submit a Walk

If you want to submit a placeholder for a walk please enter TBD for required fields (marked required) that you haven’t decided upon yet. Don’t leave any of these out! Please see the tips below. 

Your name will be shown on the website.

Your email address will not be published.

Your telephone number will be shown on the website, it will be hidden after the event has passed.

For Joint walks/events select both groups

Coleaders name will be shown on the site

Phone numbers will be shown on the site. They are hidden after the event.

The time at which people are to meet at the meeting point

A description of where the walk/event will take place and broadly what’s involved – it helps people decide if it’s the right walk for them and means fewer people are likely to need to ring you.

eg 8 miles

An estimate of how long the walk will take eg 4-6 hours

An alternative meeting point is usually the start of the walk so people can travel straight there.

Time people are to meet at alternative meeting point

URL from google/bing maps

Select yes if you have a .gpx file of the walk you'd like to upload. This is entirely optional and anyone can upload one later.

File name:

File size:


Read the Ramblers official Walk leading checklist (PDF)

Walk grade (level) and length – see the Get ready to walk page for gradings, but if you want to check please ask an experienced walk leader or one of the Programme Secretaries.

Meeting point and start time – if it’s not one of the normal places listed on the programme page, then it’s very helpful to provide a link to a map (ideally to Google Maps since many people have it installed on their phone). You could also include a map reference and/or postcode in the alternative meeting point field. If you will be going directly to the alternative meeting point but are asking people to meet at one of our normal locations then you can ask for a volunteer to organise the car sharing for you – text will be added to ask volunteers to contact you; you must contact the programme secretaries to ask them to update the calendar with the volunteer’s name and phone number.

A description of where the walk will take place and broadly what’s involved – it helps people decide if it’s the right walk for them and means fewer people are likely to need to ring you. You might find it easier to write the description in a text editor and then paste it into the box in the form. 

Your contact phone number – please give your mobile number for use on the day and perhaps also a home number for use in advance. They are hidden the day after the walk.

Most walks finish at a pub or cafe. Try to have somewhere in mind for when the walk has finished.

Always pre-walk your submitted route. This not only makes the leader look assured and confident on the day, it’s also that we sometimes find paths are blocked or changed, meaning re-routes are required.

You might like to team up with someone to co-lead a walk if it is your first time. See our Facebook group, where you can meet other members who may also want to co-lead a walk. You can also ask one of our experienced walk leaders if you would like company on a pre-walk or support on the day.

You don’t have to create your own route. There are great walks to be found in magazines, guidebooks (we have some you can borrow – see the box), there are more online – and of course it’s perfectly OK to repeat a walk you’ve been on before (but lead it yourself this time). You can look at lists of past walks here. We have lots of maps that you can borrow too (see box). We’ve also written a handy guide that has been hiding in one of the boxes on this page! The Ramblers website also has some advice on planning routes and navigation.

Walk Leader Thank You Vouchers

The group is successful thanks to members volunteering their time and effort to lead walks. As a small thank you we are continuing to offer walk leader awards for walks on the 20s & 30s and Brunel Plus programmes.

  • Lead 3 walks and get a £10 Cotswold Outdoors voucher
  • Lead 5 walks and get a £20 Cotswold Outdoors voucher

The small print:  Walks will be counted from both the 20s & 30s and Brunel Plus programmes in 2017. Walks on weekends away are not included. Co-led walks will count as half for both leaders. Joint walks (i.e. on both programmes) only count as one walk.

Walk Leader Recognition Awards

Brunel Walking Group is lucky to have a lot of dedicated and enthusiastic Walk Leaders who are instrumental in keeping our 20s & 30s and 40+ programmes vibrant for new and existing Members. With this in mind, we would like to offer you, our Members, the opportunity to nominate a Walk Leader for a Walk Leader Recognition Award. It could be for a memorable 20 & 30s, Joint or 40+ walk, for a walk led off-the-cuff on a Weekend away or perhaps for a series of related walks throughout the year (1 November to 30 October).

If a fantastic Walk Leader immediately springs to mind, all you need to do is complete one of our Walk Leader Recognition Award Nomination Forms that are issued periodically through the year in our monthly Newsletter by 30 October 2018. The Brunel Committee will review the nominations to determine the Winner and the four Runners Up on the evidence that you include in the Nomination Forms we receive so it is really important you sell your Nominee.

The Winner and Runners Up will be announced at our yearly Christmas Weekend Away.