Brunel Walking Group is part of the Ramblers, Britain’s biggest walking charity. To join, click the link below and select Avon as the area and then Brunel Walking & Activity as the group.
Join Brunel Walking Group

Member discounts

We have also negotiated several discounts with reputable outdoor suppliers in Bristol on behalf of our members. In order to claim the discounts you must produce your membership card.

Cotswold Outdoor (15% off full price). The Cotswold Outdoor discount applies at all stores and online.
Taunton Leisure (15% off full price). Located in Bedminster.
Go Outdoors (An extra 10% off the Discount Card price – a Go Outdoors discount card is needed which is £5 per year). The nearest store is in Brislington.
Blacks (10% off full price). Several stores across the country, including Broadmead in Bristol and in Bath.
Snow & Rock (10% off full price). Discount on walking gear only. Excludes ski and mountain bike equipment. Located in Filton.
Stanfords (10% off full price). Very useful for maps and walking guides. Located in central Bristol.

Membership benefits

Brunel Members get access to a number of exclusive benefits not open to non-members.
These include:

  • Up to date info via our email newsletter (sent out roughly monthly)
  • The opportunity to take part in our fantastic weekends away (exclusive to Group Members)
  • Free walk leading instruction (provided by experienced walk leaders in our Group)
  • Walk magazine – the quarterly magazine of the Ramblers

Note: if you opt out of receiving email/post from the Ramblers then you will miss out on our newsletters and Walk magazine.

I’m over 50, can I still join?

Brunel is one group with two programmes: one for members in their 20s and 30s and another for those in their 40s to mid 50s (Brunel Plus). If you are outside of these age ranges you should join a different Ramblers group – please look at the Avon Area Ramblers website for a list of groups in the area.

Can I move to Brunel from another Ramblers Group?

Yes – you will need to email Ramblers Head Office advising them that you wish to change Ramblers group. They will then inform us that you have joined Brunel. If you are in another Ramblers group then you won’t receive our emails (including our newsletter) and you won’t be eligible to take part in our weekends away and other members-only events.

Where is my membership card?

The Ramblers will aim get your membership pack to you as soon as it can. If you have any concerns over your membership, please click here to contact the  Ramblers.

How much does it cost?

Our membership policy is simple. You’re welcome to come on one or two taster walks but after then we insist that you join the group via the process above. The cost is £35 per year (or £3.25 per month) for individuals with reductions for joint memberships and other categories, and can be paid by the usual methods, including Direct Debit. There is still an offer to use Tesco clubcard vouchers for the first year’s membership.

How do I update my contact details?

You will need to email Ramblers Head Office with details of your new details. Head Office will then update their records and ensure the information is also passed to Brunel – we can’t change the membership database ourselves.

Can I walk with other members groups?

Yes, as a member of the Ramblers you are welcome to walk with any Ramblers group nationwide. A full list of groups is available from the Ramblers Website. There is also a search facility for walks that have been added to the central database (most groups do this but we don’t usually do so at present, so don’t be surprised by the lack of Brunel walks there).